October 20, 2023
Over the span of his illustrious career, Kevin C. Gleaton has left his indelible mark on an extensive array of marketing projects, catering to a diverse clientele. His journey has encompassed a rich tapestry of experiences, from steering high-profile marketing campaigns to delivering remarkable outcomes for small-scale enterprises. It is his fervor for the intricacies of small-scale marketing that has garnered him a reputation as a marketer exuding what many describe as a "contagious optimism" for the future of small businesses. Notably, Kevin is acknowledged for his candid and forthright style, often deemed "refreshing" for its unvarnished honesty and unwavering integrity.

Kevin C. Gleaton's comprehensive tenure in the realm of digital marketing has seen him proficiently navigate a multitude of marketing challenges. He has adroitly managed marketing budgets ranging from modest to exceeding $25 million, consistently meeting the objectives of clients regardless of their scale or industry. Presently, Kevin continues to be at the forefront of diverse projects. His ongoing assignments run the gamut, encompassing tasks such as enhancing website SEO for a small-scale client and assuming the role of Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) for a mid-sized enterprise boasting a substantial $10 million annual marketing budget. As his extensive experience reflects, Kevin adeptly handles a wide spectrum of marketing endeavors with consummate skill.